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From a fan after hearing the new album, Packing House: 

"As an album it is really growing on me.  I think it’s arguably your best.  Guitars and drums stand out but the maturity of the songs do as well.  And I love the playful yet serious way you throw in classic lyric lines.  You really nail the guitar parts.  Honestly Jim this is really good

Stand out tracks.    Packing house   Toxic planet.  Red light and karma.   Tracks growing on me big time.   Mtn view.   Space.  And lines.  I love the lyrics in lines.  Guitar parts on red light and karma are very cool.  Well done!"  - Craig Fairlee Los Altos, CA

From audiences and venues:

"Just left the Party in the Park in Paradise. He started out by himself but with other equipment standing by. Where's the rest of the band? He didn't need them as he did it, knocking it out'a the park so to speak! Jimmy was the band! Then when he added some 'guests' thing really got rockin'. The dance 'floor' was jammed with young and old alike, what a night!" - Vince Childs - Paradise, CA

“Jim thank you for being part of the entertainment bookings at Fullerton Brew Co. You have been a crowd favorite, entertaining our outdoor seating during weekend evenings. Your professionalism and flexibility are appreciated!” Thank you Jim!! "- ShawnaFullerton Brew Co

"Jimmy Becker received overwhelmingly positive reviews so 10/10 we need to keep having him back. Customers found him engaging as well as he plays at an enjoyable volume." - Knee Deep Brewing -  Auburn, CA

"Jimmy Becker is reliable, professional and has a unique ability to acclimate to a wide variety of venues, connecting with each audience. Whether performing acoustically at an intimate affair or playing a rockin’ full band tribute at an arena of thousands, Jimmy Becker captivates and pleases every time." - Devon Reeves - The Anaheim Packing District - Anaheim, CA

"A great blend of eclectic and pop songs that is perfectly suited to any gathering in need of some low-key, live entertainment that works perfectly inside or outdoors. Our customers love the vibe and We highly recommend Jimmy Becker!" - Chris Palumbo - Tasting Room Manager, Beckmen Vineyards - Solvang, CA

“Jimmy wows our guests and brings an exciting and vibrant element to our venue with a wide and varying range of amazing music”! - Chris Jurgens - Sanford Winery - Lompoc, CA

“Jimmy is a unique and innovative singer songwriter. I have worked with him on many recordings. He is a pleasure to work with, always bringing his guitar case full of endless ideas with him." - Robert Feist - Producer, Engineer - Ravenswork Studios

"Jimmy has a flair for making every person in the room feel like he is singing to them—we’ve never seen our crowd sing along with an artist the way they do with Jimmy.” - Grace Hanley - Ritual Brewing Company - Redlands, CA